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The Center for Law and Public Policy

The Voice of the Civil Defense Bar.


Civil justice and the rule of law have been under persistent and increasing pressure that tilts the judicial playing field to the benefit of the plaintiffs’ bar and its litigation funders and to the detriment of the civil defense bar and society at-large. This has made justice less equitable, products and services more expensive, and prosperity elusive. DRI—through education and the work of its Center for Law and Public Policy—is determined to counter the negative impacts of a well-organized and well-funded plaintiffs’ bar.

Our Mission

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Defend justice and fairness through promotion of an equitable judicial system.

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Protect the interests of business and individuals in the legal system.

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Promote an independent judiciary.

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Provide the most effective voice for the civil defense bar in the national discussion of substantive law, constitutional issues, and the integrity of the civil justice system.

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Author sound legal scholarship that promotes the Center’s mission.

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