DRI ADR Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative

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The DRI Center for Law and Public Policy (The Center) is proud to support its ADR Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative, with a goal of increasing diversity and inclusion among neutrals in underrepresented categories. Despite the longstanding discussion about how to increase diversity among neutrals appointed to resolve insurance-related disputes, there is an absence of quantifiable data on the demographic profiles of mediators and arbitrators chosen by insurers and lawyers. As the initiative’s first stage, the Center has developed and launched a Diversity Survey to address this data void and to create a benchmark that will enable insurers, self-insureds, managing general agents, and outside law firms to identify the national averages for appointments of underrepresented neutrals and how they are performing against those national averages.

Email TheCenter@dri.org for more information or to join the initiative.

Call to Action!

Now it’s time for you and your companies and firms to get involved! DRI members—and their clients—with cases in arbitration or mediation are urged to complete and share the survey. Your data is what we need to create a baseline measurement of the use of diverse neutrals, which will allow the Center to track progress in this area. All data will be kept confidential, and all baseline reporting will be aggregated and anonymized. Please consider taking the survey.

Fill Out the Diversity Survey

To managing partners and law firm leaders, Please encourage lawyers at your firms to support this important initiative. For any firms interested, the Center will maintain a webpage recognizing those that answer the call and demonstrate their commitment to improving diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

Download the initiative’s flyer and share it with your colleagues (PDF)

Find a Neutral

The following affinity bar associations can be great resources to help you in your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.